Here are the poems inspired by the fabulous Final Fantasy VIII, I hope you will enjoy reading them! Some of the compositions are rhymed, while others are in free verse ( Spoon River docet ) , but I think they all are worthy to be given a bit of attention: thus, don' t hesitate to see them from the first to the last!

- In order to correctly view the poems below, I suggest you to download this font package and put the files into the " Fonts " sub-directory located in your Windows main directory: DOLPHIN -


An illusion created by a man' s consciousness when he felt asleep during a magical summer night. His personal aspectatives about enrapturing the heart that belongs to a woman really special to him

Rage of Love

Unbrakable passion distressed by a tragic departure signing the end of a love relationship. Or, perhaps, it is just the beginning of a new and more mature sensation?

Endless Shine

Love of two people able to be elevated to a higher existence, mated souls melding one another and flying toward unseen reaches among the most azure skies

Ballade of Love

The SeeD Ball... the emotions which such ceremony filled my heart with... A boy and a girl looking for each other in a ballade that represents their tender and blazing feelings

For my Love to her

Do you remember when Rinoa declared to be " almost " in love with Seifer? I tried to think how am unanswered lover would feel if he realized that the woman he adores is in love with someone else


A passionate lover and his desire to hold tight his beloved woman, never leaving her alone and avoiding her any possible harm, seen by an external and wiser point of view

Final Goodbye

A secret love is inevitably broken, for the object of a man' s feelings is going away once and for all: only one word summarizes his tormented passion

Don' t you remember?

A poem inspired by the unfaithful behaviour of a husband towards his own wife, a poem that lets him remember what he had sworn many years ago

Another summer

A LONG poem telling a deep love affair born at the sea-shore, and kept within the lover' s heart for so long... a love he will never forget, although she went away leaving him alone with his joyful thoughts and memories

What I should do

The existential questions of one man who - being unable to gain an answered love - reflects on his own life and can' t succeed in solving his haunting, personal doubts

" Dream " , " For my Love to her " and " Final Goodbye " are poems originated by DFAT' s own feelings and experiences while he had fallen in love; " Don' t you remember? " and " What I should do " clearly express some of DFAT' s emotions as well

" Dream " , " Rage of Love " , " Endless Shine " , " Ballade of Love " , " For my Love to her " , " Protection " , " Final Goodbye " , " Don' t you remember? " , " Another summer " , " What I should do " are copyright DFAT. Any other use of them except reading can be persecuted in terms of law.