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Once again, after the tough work accomplished in order to create " Memories of an existence " , The Final Fantasy VII Master DFAT proposes to every Final Fantasy VIII fanatic an excellent and most original site, perfectly in his line: in fact, not mentioning the enormous Art Gallery and the satisfying Midi Gallery, nor the hard-to-find Game Information ( a MUST if you want to beat, or better, to destroy the game! ) , everything you will see here is a personal creation of the Author that excels in quality and in depth. What he has managed to perform, through the pages linked below, is a psychological journey within the minds of the game characters and the programmers, bringing this way to every FFVIII fan a bunch of full-comprehensive introspections related to the uncomparable music themes, the perfect ending sequence, and the heart-trending love story which builds up the entire adventure. Spend some time here, and surely you won' t regret it!

- The Author, as Final Fantasy VII Master DFAT


LYRICS, full interpretation and everything else related to Liberi Fatali and Eyes on Me, the two great theme songs that accompanied Squall and the others throughout the whole adventure

The anthology which includes the complete transcript of the words said by the Sorceresses appearing in Final Fantasy VIII

All the pictures related to Final Fantasy VIII that I found on the Web so far

The auditorium featuring every midi file I could get my hands on: here you will admire the wonderful themes played during the story

The full-comprehensive guide to master Final Fantasy VIII, a detailed game map, the locations of every Guardian Force and other tips in order to beat the game for sure

A collection of love poems written by a young and modern writer, with some references to the feeling Rinoa and Squall experienced in their life. All of the poems are worthy to be read carefully, and it is nothing but the truth!

If you feel as brave as Squall Leonhart and his friends, visit this section! You won' t regret it, I assure you! My Special Stage is in the " MUST SEE " category!!! ;-)


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